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Option Buyer Option Holder Definition The term option buyer refers to an investor that pays a premium to the writer of an option for the right, but not an obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset. The most common options purchased by a buyer include puts and calls. Explanation Also referred to as an option holder, an option buyer is a trader that pays a premium to the seller, or writer, of the option. If the writer owns the underlying security, they are selling a covered option.

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In commercial contracts, a buyer's option is an agreement between a vendor and a buyer that defines price and specifications over a specified period for a product. The buyer's option does not stipulate the quantity of the product that the buyer is obligated to purchase. In the auction industry, when multiple units of a product a buyer s option being auctioned off, the buyer's option refers to the right given to the winner of the auction of the first unit to purchase any or all additional units at the winning bid price. Key Takeaways: In commercial contracts, a buyer's option is an agreement between a vendor and a buyer concerning the price and specifications of a product over a specified period.

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