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Psychology of Trading For double top, we observe that the price attempts to break the resistance two times, and is both times unsuccessful look at the example below. The resistance proves too strong for the price, so the upward movement stops at the resistance level two time in a row. After the second unsuccessful attempt, the price takes a dive and begins a new downtrend. The double bottom pattern is the exact opposite of the double top pattern.

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At minimum these patterns provide you with trade signals to get into potentially profitable trades. Continuation patterns occur during a trend, and signal that the trend will continue once the pattern completes. Wait for the price to break out of the pattern, and trade in the breakout direction. All triangles are created by narrowing price action, so when you draw a border around it, it looks like a triangle.

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If you like to keep things simple, however, one type of method which may interest you is the use of price patterns. What is a price pattern? Using Candlestick Charts To Begin To Spot Price Patterns Over the years, traders have discovered that there are certain patterns price bars on a chart can make that tend to lead to specific outcomes.

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