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Documentation Options Bot Options can be one of the most difficult financial instruments to learn but makes up for this as they are can be extremely profitable. In order to start working with options, it's important to familiarize yourself with specific concepts. Let's look through the main options strategies and figure out why professional traders like this tool so much.

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But sometimes you want some more formal input from the user — and this is where custom keyboards can become extremely useful. Whenever your bot sends a message, it can pass along a special keyboard with predefined reply options see ReplyKeyboardMarkup. Telegram apps that receive the message will display your keyboard to the user.

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Established by the right mix of seasoned professionals and young but accomplished forward thinkers, we aim to craft a better niche way for investors to interact with the marketplace. Our objective is to implement the most advanced credit management methods to minimize risk in allocating funds to asset backed cash flow producing investments from day one.

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