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In the majority of cases, you get interoperability between operating systems and various environments. You can move your applications from server to server, from operating system to operating system, without major effort or in rare cases with minor changes. One of the most interesting benefits of running a JVM based application is automatic memory handling. When you create an object in your code it is assigned on a heap and stays there until it is referenced from the code.

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JVM tuning is not an exact science and will vary across individual environments and applications. Consistent load and stress testing of your environment will be the only true way to gauge the effect of changes made. The goal of performance tuning is to meet these goals, no more, no less.

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Determine systemic requirements Load the application with work Before you can measure the GC performance of the JVM executing a particular application, you need to be able to have the application perform work and reach a steady state. This is done by having load applied to the application. Loading the application with work is not in the scope of this guide.

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G1 Garbage Collector 3. Serial Garbage Collector This is the simplest GC implementation, as it basically works with a single thread. As a result, this GC implementation freezes all application threads when it runs.

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Xmx is the maximum scaling limit 2 GB in our case. The default is At the moment, invoking Full GC is required for a proper release of unused resources. Memory usage can be tracked in output logs or using VisualVM for a deeper review.

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Most of them are garbage collection GC -related and have many dependencies, not only on the system you are using but also to each other. Tuning GC flags seems like it should be difficult and error-prone, but following a few easy steps can help improve application performance in only a few minutes.