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Computer technology changes rapidly, if you are reading another article written a year ago or longer then the information is outdated. Click here to see all the trading computer systems we offer. We are also still offering the previous 9th generation Intel K, K and our best selling i9 K processors. Intel Core i5 K — 4.

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Sep 19, Product and Service ReviewsTrading Tips 0 comments These days, you can trade on a phone, tablet or even a smart watch but trading on these devices will have a serious impact on your performance when it comes to being able to quickly analyze charts and place orders. If you want to get serious about day trading, you have to trade on a device that is not only going to make you more efficient at analyzing the data but also provides reliability when it comes to the risk of losing money caused by technical errors. Day traders rely on fast and accurate information and any hiccups in that data flow could cause a trade to go very wrong.

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In trading, pretty much the only things that matter here are: How many monitors do you want to run? What video ports do those monitors have?

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