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Derivatives are instruments to manage financial risks. Since risk is an inherent part of any investment, financial markets devised derivatives as their own version of managing financial risk.

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For this right, a premium is paid to the seller. Currency options are one of the most common ways for corporations, individuals or financial institutions to hedge against adverse movements in exchange rates. Key Takeaways Currency options give investors the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a particular currency at a pre-specific exchange rate before the option expires.

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Here's what all these terms mean: Option: You pay for the option, or right, to make the transaction you want. You are under no obligation to do so. Derivative: The option derives its value from that of the underlying asset. This underlying value is one of the determinants of the option's price.

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An FX option provides you with the right to but not the obligation to buy or sell currency at a specified rate on a specific future date. This works like an insurance contract. In exchange for such a right without the obligationthe holder usually pays a cost which is known as the Premium for the FX Option. Currency market fluctuations can have a lasting impact on cash flow whether it is buying a property, paying salaries, making an investment or settling invoices.

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