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Deep in-the-Money Options Definition The term deep in-the-money refers to an option that has significant intrinsic value. The concept of moneyness helps an investor to understand the position of an underlying asset relative to an option's strike price. Explanation When an investor holds an option, they are provided with the right, but not an obligation, to buy or sell the underlying asset at the strike price on or before the contract's expiration date.

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Deep In The Money Calls by Mike Scanlin We've discussed in the money covered calls before, but given the market's recent run up, we thought it timely to revisit the subject for those of you who feel we're a bit overbought and are looking for some safety. If you do any buy-writes next week with Feb expirations you may want to consider deep in the money options. Deep In the money calls are those where the strike price of the call option is significantly less than the current stock price.

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A deep in the money option has an exercise, or strike price, significantly below for a call option or above for a put option the market price of the underlying asset. The value of such an option is nearly all intrinsic value and minimal premium. For options, both a call and a put option can be in the money.

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