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Links are provided to related FAS articles. How it works The FAS is authorized to issue smart card class certificates automatically on behalf of Active Directory users who are authenticated by StoreFront. This uses similar APIs to tools that allow administrators to provision physical smart cards.

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X2R FAS for Financial Accounting Streamline financial and joint venture accounting, and enhance reporting FAS equips financial and joint venture accountants to rapidly and accurately administer oil and gas financial operations and regulatory reporting for companies who own oil and gas properties, joint ventures and trusts across North America. FAS enables analysis, streamlines administration Bringing accounting data to the forefront allows accountants to focus more time and energy on analysis. Automates processes like check runs and joint venture billings.

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A list of representations in an asset purchase agreement usually covers capacity, title and key properties of the assets. Indemnities The Civil Code allows the parties to agree that one party will compensate the other party for losses arising in connection with certain circumstances unrelated to a breach of the contract. This can be regarded as a Russian law equivalent of an indemnity.

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I can revoke this consent at any time for the future and thus cancel the respective publication. For this purpose, it is sufficient, for example, to send an email to the email address specified under Section 1 of this Data Protection Policy.

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When these tools are active, your personal information may be transferred to the US servers of these companies. We must point out that the USA is not a safe third country within the meaning of EU data protection law.

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Configure user rules Install the Federated Authentication Service For security, Citrix recommends that the FAS be installed on a dedicated server that is secured in a similar way to a domain controller or certificate authority. If you have more than one store, or if the store has a different name, the path text below may differ.