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Without giving you a history lesson on Fibonacci and his importance in mathematics we will focus solely on how Fibonacci levels are used in trading. Fibonacci numbers, when used to measure price swings in the markets, present powerful levels to watch for potential reversals and are applied in technical analysis through two main studies: Fibonacci retracement and Fibonacci expansion. Fibonacci Retracement The retracement tool is used to measure a move in price and identify areas to look for price to retrace into with a view to reversing and continuing in the direction of the primary move and is a popular method amongst trend-traders looking to enter on a pullback to trade a resumption of the trend.

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Fibonacci retracement levels and footprint; additional literature about CFA. We will use the market of gold futures as an example in this article, but you can, as well, apply Fibonacci retracement levels in any other market with any timeframe.

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In this article, we will dive into a somewhat lesser known Fibonacci tool that you can also use to find hidden levels of support and resistance. We will introduce you to the Fibonacci extension tool and discuss some technique on how to incorporate it in your own trading. Download the short printable PDF version summarizing the key points of this lesson….

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In simplest terms, the Fibonacci sequence is a collection of integers in which each consecutive integer is the sum of the previous two. Applications of principles related to the Fibonacci sequence are present throughout mathematics and geometry, as well as in nature. In the world of active trading, Fibonacci Retracements and Expansions are two of the most commonly implemented mechanisms of technical analysis.

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By Alan Farley Updated Dec 7, Fibonacci retracement and extension analysis uncovers hidden support and resistance created by the golden ratio. Many traders and investors dismiss Fibonacci as voodoo science, but its natural origins reveal poorly understood aspects of human behavior. Fib math highlights proportionality, capturing the essence of beauty and packaging it into a set of ratios that can define seashells, flowers, and even the facial structure of Hollywood actresses.

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Review Fibonacci Time Zones is also widely used with Elliott Waves theory, as this trading theory is one of the few that allows a trader to incorporate the time element into any price forecast. Time is as important as price, and Elliott offers invalidation of specific counts if time is not respected. However, it represents a must-have in order to reap all the benefits the Elliott Waves theory can offer. These three Fibonacci trading tools are the only ones that are used together with the Elliott waves theory, and are also offered by the MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

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