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Financial Freedom and the Value of Time — guest post with notes from J. This book paves the road to financial success in the most digestible form possible. So, maximize your time.

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Grant has been a friend of mine ever since we met at Fincon in back in and I was beyond excited to hear that he was writing a book that same year. I was even more excited when we ended up with the same publishing house —Penguin—and as a result, had the privilege of peaking behind the scenes of his book writing process.

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Time is not. Become financially independent as fast as possible.

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How did he do it? Financial Freedom Book Summary After graduating college, Grant Sabatier bounced around a few different jobs before eventually getting laid off twice. Before he could blink, he found himself living at home with his parents, still sleeping in the same bed he grew up in.

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Some good info, some dangerous advice. Podcast promo better than book.

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The personal finance blogger community is interconnected and extremely supportive of one another, so when Grant offered a sneak peek of the book I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it and to offer my thoughts. The following Financial Freedom book review contains a brief introduction to Grant and his book, along with an overview of each chapter and my overall thoughts. Grant Sabatier and Financial Freedom Grant is well-known in the personal finance community as the blogger behind Millennial Money. Started inMillennial Money is a site that helps readers learn how to save and make money, side hustle, invest, and get on the fast-track to FIRE financial independence, retire early.

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