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Print icon Resize icon Regardless of the current state of your finances or how your career has progressed, true financial independence is something that appeals to all of us. Retirement and financial independence can seem a million miles away in your 20s or 30s, but achieving financial independenceor FI, at a young age is possible, and many people are actively working toward that goal. What is financial independence? You may choose to continue working, so retirement and financial independence are not necessarily synonymous.

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By Than Merrill The concept of financial independence and securing a financially comfortable position in life is one many strive to achieve. For some, the idea of never having to worry about money again is as improbable as it is impossible.

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Jan 16, Link Copied Financial vital signs are a quick and relatively simple way to monitor your overall financial health, ensuring that you are in a position to be a successful long-term investor. If the foundations of your financial life are shaky, it will be harder to ride out tough storms in the market. Regardless of which you choose to track, setting and monitoring progress toward financial goals is easier when you have clear metrics on which to focus. Net Worth Over Time This one is simpler than you might think.

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