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Updated on November 17 at pm What is financial independence, and how can you obtain it? This is a question many Americans struggle to answer today. In fact, you may come across thousands of different responses to this question.

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The financial independence, retire early FIRE movement has grown in popularity as more people seek a way to escape the rate race well before normal retirement age. If you want hands-on assistance doing so, consider enlisting the help of an expert financial advisor. Financial Independence, Definition Though being financially independent can be defined differently for everyone, it generally means not being dependent on a job or anyone else to meet your expenses and maintain your chosen lifestyle.

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Joshua Kennon Updated February 17, There are several myths and misnomers when it comes to financial planning, and individuals can take in a lot of advice from many good and not-so-good sources. Review these key insights that can lead to a more financially independent life. Yes, it's easier to amass assets if you have more monthly income, but one key to increasing your net worth is to spend less than you make.

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Trust deed real estate Approaches to financial independence[ edit ] If a person can generate enough income to meet their needs from sources other than their primary occupation, they have achieved financial independence, regardless of age, existing wealth, or current salary. They have no need to work a regular job to pay their bills. However, the effects of inflation must be considered.

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By Stephen D. Simpson Updated Jun 29, As the Fourth of July should remind us all, independence is something worth fighting for.

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LinkedIn When you're financially savvy and on your way to a secure retirement, you may believe you already know the steps to achieve financial independence. But when you're climbing out of debt and just taking control of your money, financial security might seem entirely out of reach. If you have kids, focusing on solving your own money problems may be complicated by your concern about their financial future too.

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