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Consider exploring a covered call options trade. By Scott Connor November 7, 5 min read 5 min read Key Takeaways Selling covered calls could help generate income from stocks you already own Selecting strikes and expiration dates depends on the get an option risk and reward trade-off of the position Take a step-by-step look at how to trade a covered call So you own a bunch of stocks in your portfolio. Some have made a decent profit. It sounds like a great idea, but options trading seems complex, mysterious, and maybe even a tad bit intimidating.

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The "options" binding Purpose The options binding controls what options should appear in a drop-down list i. The value you assign should be an array or observable array. Note: For a multi-select list, to set which of the options are selected, or to read which of the options are selected, use the selectedOptions binding.

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The Bottom Line Options are contracts that give option buyers the right to buy or sell a security at a predetermined price on or before a specified day. The price of an option, called the premiumis composed of a number of variables.

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