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From how I understand it and I could be wrong, but I will show my work with all CBA excerpts cited at the end of this articlethe Golden Knights have two options with Gusev. He was then traded to Vegas as part of the Expansion Draft. Because he never signed that first NHL contract, he remains property of the Golden Knights indefinitely.

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At 27 years old, Gusev is younger than Dadonov was when he signed. Gusev is also the more decorated forward of the two. The Golden Knights have two options — make moves to make room for Gusev and the other free agents or trade Gusev. Vegas ought to at least try the first option before the second.

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Photo by RvS. He absolutely torched the KHL last season. Former Isles executive and Golden Knights head George McPhee says he has heard from teams interested, and expects a decision — whether trade or contract arrangement — sooner than later.

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The number one player to sign for the Rangers, and many other teams, is Artemi Panarin. But if not Panarin, another worth considering is Nikita Gusev. Having qualified the important RFAs, the team is under no rush to sign them, and could conceivably look to add someone like Gusev to the roster before taking care of Jacob Trouba and company. On Sunday I looked into a scenario that would see Panarin become a Blueshirt.

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