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Are you building Chatbots for a living? Or creating a Chatbot product that you want to monetize? Still, looking for the perfect bot monetization tactics? Celebrating Fortune Bot Company?

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Earn Passive Income From Your Bot The best way to make a passive income off your chatbots is to ensure that you generate enough interest in your bot. You can cash in on this traffic and you will not have to try so hard to keep your audience engaged as the bot will handle everything without any assistance. If you think this is too much effort, you can always get into a partnership with other firms, which can use the bots to generate money and then give you a share of the profits. How Passive is Income Generated by Chatbots?

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Lead Generation for making money When the leads come to you, let chatbot do its part to turn the prospect into a client. Marketing campaigns, ads, emails, targeted content is all about the right chatbot for your business. Chatbot qualifies leads via a short survey location, needs, requirements, budget, etc. All responses become a part of the user profile and chatbot passes the lead to the appropriate department.

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