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Thomas A. For years I struggled with this painful scarcity in my head. Ultimately, I was evading taking accountability for my entrepreneurial success. I don't understand anything!

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If you want to be wealthy, you'll need to think like the wealthy. Five year's time?

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Watch the video below: Do you want to learn how to learn how to build a successful, six-figure dropshipping store? Money is a game, and millionaires know this. Which I can personally testify In reality, people who become millionaires have a different mindset around money to majority of people in society. And after learning, talking and hanging round with several other millionaires—as well as myself—I discovered that there were certain mindsets around money that allowed all of us to earn more of it.

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If you want to be wealthy, the first thing to do is train your subconscious mind to attract wealth. The way to do this is to create wealthy thoughts in your mind first. Then, second, manifest those thoughts into actions that create a wealthy reality. If you can learn how to discipline your mind to make the right decisions, money will naturally be attracted to your life.