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City officials make important contacts, learn about innovative programs, and obtain time sensitive information about legislative and regulatory developments. Municipalities maximize their strength by working together through the Municipal League to monitor and influence state legislative issues affecting them. The League also gives you the tools you need to influence state and federal policies that impose mandates, restrict your authority, or reduce state or federal funding coming into your city. Legislative Issues — an online tool that makes it easy for you to stay abreast of legislation, contact your legislator, or print off talking points before meeting with your representative.

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Once seen as a model, Israel now imposes a tighter coronavirus lockdown. Colvin, 36, a former Air Force technical sergeant, said he started selling on Amazon indeveloping it into a six-figure career by selling Nike shoes and pet toys, and by following trends. Colvin spotted a chance to capitalize. Each came with 50 face masks, four small bottles of hand sanitizer and a thermometer.

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Suppose that two companies try to circumvent the requirement to provide Installation Information by having one company release signed software, and the other release a User Product that only runs signed software from the first company. Is this a violation of GPLv3? Does free software mean using the GPL? We have an incomplete list.

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