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Financial aid options for trade school The Cost of Trade School The cost of attending trade school can vary enormously depending on where you live, what program you take, and what type of institution you attend. Trade schools can be either private or public, but most are private businesses. Here's a breakdown of average costs. According to the U.

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Four-Year Colleges Four-year colleges can be public or private, and the vast majority are non-profit. After successfully finishing a program at a four-year college, you get a bachelor's degree. This is the most versatile and highest degree you can get compared to degrees at trade schools and community colleges.

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The following list includes popular skilled trade and medical training programs that take 2 years or less to complete. Near your locationthe price may be a little different. The student is also responsible for any certification fees required to work in his or her chosen profession. Trade school financial aidloans, and grants are not considered in this post and can reduce the total cost substantially.

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Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics Many careers accessed through vocational training offer comfortable salaries, nearly on-par with the salary range of degree-required fields. In terms of lifetime earnings, the average college grad still makes more.

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Trade School vs. You can begin by reflecting on your interests and career goals. The subjects offered in a trade school vs.