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Many people never take the necessary steps to move past their money fears. Many simply allow financial panic to drive life choices. Read on to find out the most effective actions to stop worrying about money.

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SenseofCents Rejection is typically the most paramount thing holding me back. If I let the opinions of others stop me from doing things, I would probably be hiding in a closet and never leave my house.

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Chrometophobia is the extreme fear of money. Also known as chrematophobia, it encompasses everything from the fear of spending money and the fear of thinking about money, to even the fear of touching money. A quarter of Americans say they worry about money all or most of the time. That makes sense given that four out of five Americans are in debt and around 15 percent of households have a negative net worth.

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The fear of not having enough money Many of us fear not having enough money. This blog post is not about that. Some people decide to hell with it, buy the sweater.

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