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Power Moving Average Here is a good article that explains what these trend lines are and when to use these. To select any of these other variations. It will show you all the trendlines that you can use in Excel. Apart from linear trendline, another useful option is a moving average trendline.

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You can publish a view that contains trend lines, and you add trend lines to a view as you edit it on the web. When you add trend lines to a view, you can specify how you want them to look and behave. For a 5-minute walkthrough, see the Trend Lines Link opens in a new window free training video. Use your tableau.

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How to remove a trendline from a chart Trendline in Excel A trendline, also referred to as a line of best fit, is a straight or curved line in a chart that shows the general pattern or overall direction of the data. This analytical tool is most often used to show data movements over a period of time or correlation between two variables.


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Computergaga1 August 2,am EDT You can add a trendline to a chart in Excel to show the general pattern of data over time. You can also extend trendlines to forecast future data.

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Looking for Office steps? Select Trendline. In the Add Trendline dialog box, select any data series options you want, and click OK. Format a trendline Click anywhere in the chart.

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It is usually more curved on one side. Polynomial — It is a curved line that should be used when data fluctuates more than one rise and fall.