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Share by E-Mail The Illinois-based Hemp Foundry wrapped up its first year selling hemp clones specialized for CBD production and oil extraction in — helping many of the two dozen or so Illinois growers it works with earn a profit, while others in the industry are still looking for buyers. From there, the oils are sold and labeled under brands such as Simple Soul to be stocked on shelves around the state. The profits are shared with the farmer. Horras does some back-of-the-envelope math for an acre of hemp planted in 4-foot rows, which would yield 2, plants at about 1 pound of biomass each after large stems and leaves are removed.


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There are six specific profitable cash crops that are ideal for backyard growers and they include the following: Salad greens — The top earning salad greens you can grow for profit include lettuce, arugula and Asian greens. The land needed for successful salad green growing is also much like that for a good garden — with between six and eight hours of steady sunshine and access to a regular water source.

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The demand for beautiful flowers is increasing every year. So make sure you flowers are grown in healthy soil. Only use organic materials, such as organic fertilizers. Your flowers will simply stay healthier, be less susceptible to diseases and have less flower stress.

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It is a good idea to shop around to multiple different markets the year before you want to begin selling. This way you can find a market that gets a lot of customers and is in need of more vendors. You should also speak with the people running the market in order to find out what the application process is and what you need to do in order to be eligible to sell at the market. These rules will vary between markets so it is important you talk with people and make connections.

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