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Often you are not allowed to keep more than six chickens, and most places you cannot have roosters. This is for the sake of your neighbors and your reputation. Contact your local authority before buying any hens. If you rent, would the owner be happy with you keeping chickens?

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No homestead feels complete without a flock of chickens. But what if you want to make your birds more than backyard pets?

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I quickly needed to find ways for my chickens to make me money! Raising chickens for meat, and learning about how to put up my chicken eggs for sale, were two of the main things I needed to research. But where should I begin? The best way for me to learn was through trial and error.

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Chickens can be expensive. Even if you don't count the coop, the feed and bedding are monthly expenses that add up a lot!

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A good laying hen basically pays her keep by laying wonderfully nutritious eggs we love them! But there are other ways that you can help supplement your income or hobby farm upkeep by keeping chickens.

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But for me, it is not so much creating a farm business, as much as creating a self-sustaining farm. I want all aspects of our homestead to bring in enough income to pay for themselves. This site contains affiliate links.