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I like the talking tom function and I have fun with it. I wish that the creators of this cute talking cat would do more with the clothes and glasses and costumes. If you do end up getting negative coins, just watch some ads until you have 0 coins or until your coin total is in the positive again but I figured I should address this issue so that hopefully this issue will be fixed in a future update!

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Talking Tom Cat 2 — the epic sequel to Talking Tom Cat — is better, cooler, and funnier than ever before! With over a billion downloads and counting, Talking Tom Cat 2 is popular with kids and families all over the world. Get your own cute and funny virtual pet now!

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Current[ edit ] Talking Tom also called Tom — A gray tabby cat and the title character of the franchise. In his app, he is a fully animated interactive 3D character that users can tickle, poke and play with. Users can also get Tom to repeat what they say.

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Mobile tutorial My Talking Tom is a mobile app where you have a cat named Tom. You spend your time taking care of it, talking to it, and listening to it talk back to you. It has an apartment where you can buy upgrades like furniture and food. The currency to buy furniture and food is coins, and you can learn how to earn coins just by following these few simple steps.

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