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The Bottom Line Options have a language all of their own, and when you begin to trade options, the information may seem overwhelming. When looking at an options chart, it first seems like rows of random numbers, but options chain charts provide valuable information about the security today and where it might be going in the future. Not all public stocks have options, but for those that do, the information is presented in real-time and in a consistent order. Key Takeaways An option chain has two sections: calls and puts.

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Article Reviewed on July 31, Michael J Boyle Updated July 31, An option contract's value fluctuates based on the price of the asset underlying it, such as a stock, exchange-traded fund, or futures contract. Each one of these situations affects the intrinsic value of the option. The amount of time remaining before the option contract expires also plays a role in the value of the option, which in turn affects how high or low a price—the premium—the buyer is willing to pay for the option. The buyer could exercise their right under the option contract and buy the underlying asset for less than its current value.

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