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Learn step-by-step how to install NiceLabel software on your computer: See what options are available during the installation process See how to activate the software at the end of installation See how to switch between versions of the software Learn Label Design Explore basic label design and design your first label. This video will present most common objects and how to add them to the label. Connect to a database Printing from Excel In this video you will learn about how to connect label to Excel and print from it. Introduction to Dynamic Data Manager In this video you will learn how to connect a database such as Access to our label and then use Dynamic Data Manager to manage the data coming in.

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Part 5: The true cost of making tutorial, training, and explainer videos Part 1: What is an instructional video? An instructional video is any video that demonstrates a process, transfers knowledge, explains a concept, or shows someone how to do something. At least, not anymore. Anyone, in any industry, can and probably should create instructional videos.

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