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Internet service provider, electricity service provider, telecommunications, technology and entertainment company Tet posted EUR The group's export sales reached EUR

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Twitter Over a year, employment rate has dropped by 1. Compared to the previous quarter, employment rate has risen by 0. In Q3 it was higher than in Lithuania

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Compared tothe average earnings rose by EUR 72 or 7. Over the year, net wages and salaries increased by 6. Considering the consumer price growth of 2. Median is calculated based on the information available in statistical surveys and administrative data of the State Revenue Service.

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Special tax regimes an amount of licence fee, depending on the type of economic activity, for which a payer may pay a licence fee, is from 50 to euro per month; the reduced amount of licence fee is 17 euro per year 9 euro per half ayear. Tax rate differs for those taxpayers who are insured for less types of social insurance self-employed persons, pensioner etc. Law determines the circle of persons who must make social insurance contributions i.

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Regardless the fact that gender equality in the EU is stipulated by several regulatory enactments and Latvian legislation provides for equal rights to both genders, gender inequality in the labour market may be observed. Employment Rate Inemployment rate among males was 5. EU average indicator is higher among males as well. Employment rate among females in Latvia was 6.

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Если удастся возбудить в Лисе и Диаспаре достаточно сильное взаимное раздражение, задача разрешится более чем наполовину. Оба города будут столь озабочены доказательствами превосходства собственного образа жизни, что барьеры между ними быстро сойдут - Зачем ты вернулся в Лис. - спросила Серанис.

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