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You are intrinsically motivated because you like learning about investing and you are extrinsically motivated because learning can help you make more money. Ok, all jokes aside, we often get asked about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation as it relates to options trading so we wanted to break it down for you. The dictionary definition boring, I know, but essential to understand what intrinsic and extrinsic value represent in terms of options of intrinsic is "belonging to the essential nature of a thing. What do intrinsic and extrinsic value mean when it comes to options?

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Read Review Visit Broker Intrinsic Value In very simple terms intrinsic value is the real, tangible value of an options contract. It's sometimes referred to as fundamental value and it's basically the amount of profit, if any, that is built into an options contract at a specific point. Intrinsic value is closely related to options moneyness, which is a very important concept.

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Updated May 20, What is Extrinsic Value? Extrinsic value is also the portion of the worth that has been assigned to an option by factors other than the underlying asset's price. Key Takeaways Extrinsic value is the difference between the market price of an option, also knowns as its premium, and its intrinsic price, which is the difference between an option's strike price and the underlying asset's price.

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It is important to understand what intrinsic and extrinsic value is in order to see how option contracts get their prices. This article will explain intrinsic and extrinsic value to prepare investors to make intelligent decisions when purchasing or selling option contracts. Intrinsic Value: The intrinsic value of an option is the difference between the market price and strike price of the underlying security.

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