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A bond option is an option contract in which the underlying asset is a bond. Like all standard option contracts, an investor can take many speculative positions through either bond call or bond put options.

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A callable bond can be described by the following characteristics: Embedded Option A callable bond has an embedded call option. This call option also has some value. So, the value of the callable bond is lower than that of a normal bond. One is the normal maturity and one is the shorter life it experiences upon exercise of the call option.

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In the broadest terms, embedded options are components built into the structure of a financial security that provides the option of one of the parties to exercise some action under certain conditions. Embedded options are more commonly found in bonds and preferred stocksbut can also be found in stocks.

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Dividends Corporations issue preferred stock to raise money. Because preferred shares do not provide voting rights, closely-held small corporations and start-ups might particularly like the fact that they can issue these shares without ceding any managerial control to "outsiders. Preferred Stock Basics Many investors view preferred stock as a hybrid of common stock and bonds.

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