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An exchangeable debt is a type of hybrid debt security that can be converted into the shares of a company other than the issuing company usually a subsidiary. Companies issue exchangeable debt for a number of reasons, including tax savings and divesting a large stake in another company or subsidiary. Issuer option conversion Takeaways Exchangeable debt is a hybrid debt security that can be converted into the shares of a company other than the issuing company; usually a subsidiary. Primary reasons that companies issue exchangeable debt are for tax savings and divesting large stakes in another company or subsidiary.

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A convertible bond, also called a convertible note, is similar to a regular corporate bond with one exception: It can be exchanged for shares of stock. In addition, you can convert the bond to a specified number of underlying stock shares. The price of convertible debt stems from its value as a bond and its value if converted to stock. Typically, the conversion price on newly issued convertible bonds is well above the current stock price.

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This similarity to options allows option-like securities to be priced or valued using the methods of valuing options. Callable Bonds Callable bonds are bonds that can be called by the issuer after a specified duration — the call protection period — at a specified price — the call price issuer option conversion which is usually higher than the bond's face value. The call price is highest in the 1st year when the bond can be called, and decreases as the time to maturity decreases. Bond issuers issue callable bonds to take advantage of possible decreases in future interest rates, but they have to pay the bond buyer a higher coupon rate to compensate for the call risk to the bondholder that the bond may be called early.

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Updated Nov 19, What Is a Conversion? A conversion is the exchange of a convertible type of asset into another type of asset—usually at a predetermined price—on or before a predetermined date. The conversion feature is a financial derivative instrument that is valued separately from the underlying security.

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Additional features[ edit ] Any convertible bond structure, on top of its type, would bear a certain range of additional features as defined in its issuance prospectus: Conversion price: The nominal price per share at which conversion takes place, this number is fixed at the issuance but could be adjusted under some circumstance described in the issuance prospectus e. Underlying stock split. You could have more than one conversion price for non-vanilla convertible issuances.

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