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Simply choose a payment gateway online businesses or point-of-sale app in-store businesses that offers this service, such as Bitpay. The service provider will receive the BCH paid by your customers and then deposit the equivalent amount of your chosen currency in your business bank account, usually on the next working day.

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Local Trader is an application powered by the LocalBitcoins service. Local Trader allows you to trade bitcoin person-to-person in an easy, fast, and secure way. Use Local Trader to update advertisements, manage trades, send messages, release and fund trades, and handle payments.

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This is because these services make buying and selling Bitcoin easy, but with convenience comes a cost. Not only do we mean a financial cost because you pay premium fees for these services, but you also lose privacy and in many cases anonymity. Mainly due to Know-Your-Customer KYC rules with exchanges and them requiring personal and sensitive information about you, such as your name, address, phone number and other identification. This has put a real burden on the space for those that want to trade without this sort of local bitcoin.

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Trade Cryptocurrency At Meteoric speed with Local Bitcoins clone Buy and Sell cryptocurrencies with Local Bitcoins clone application trading platform, where you can buy digital currencies with fiat currency. View Demo view pricing talk to our experts Cryptocurrency Trading Made Easy Decentralization is the word everybody has been looking at the exchanges. Centralized exchanges are slow and time-consuming, so a solution to remove the centralization from the trading process.

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