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It looks like easy work: All you have to do is process payments by depositing them into your account and then sending the money on to somebody else. However, by doing this work you risk getting ripped off by your so-called "employer," and your activities could involve you in a crime, leading to serious consequences including frozen assets and prosecution. Think about it: Why would a legitimate company hire a stranger to use his personal bank account to conduct company business? How Moving Money Puts You at Risk The details may vary, but most money transfer job scams have similar characteristics: You get to keep a cut of everything the money transfer business sends to you, and you can do the work from home.

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One of the oldest money transfer services Reasons to buy Reasons to avoid -Can be pricey-Some negative reviews MoneyGram is one of the largest and longest running money transfer companies in the world. The very well seasoned service has a huge array of agent locations dotted right around the globe with all kinds of presence in at least different countries. The business offers a selection of services such as sending and receiving cash along with the ability to pick up money from outlets too.

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Even as more and more of life is lived through a screen, paper is still how the vast majority of Americans give each other money. Among other things, they let users enter their bank-account information and then transfer money to others who have done the same. The feature that sets Venmo apart is the social feed, which brings transparency to a class of transactions that used to be entirely private. The feed—an emoji-laden stream of often-indecipherable payment descriptions and inside jokes—seems frivolous; it is not a social-media destination in the way that Facebook or Twitter is.

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PayPal beats out other peer-to-peer P2P money transfer apps like Venmo and Zelle because of its accessibility and choice of payment methods. PayPal also has more registered users than PayPal-owned Venmo, a social-centric P2P app best for smaller dollar transfers. How it works: PayPal account holders can send money to friends and family through the app, or online via a web browser. Account holders can send money through a variety of payment methods; recipients also have to be PayPal account holders, but can sign up for free.