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Money App The Money App available for iOS and Android is a market research app that earns you rewards for completing tasks, which include offering opinions, playing games, checking store displays, mystery shopping, testing services and participating in free trials. You open an account on the Money App and start completing tasks to accumulate rewards, which you can, in turn, redeem for cash using a PayPal account. You register and are asked some basic information, such as your preferences and consumer habits, to determine your fit for missions, and then you receive alerts when there are new missions available based on your preferences and location. There are also " missions ," where brands and agencies will make specific requests for images.

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Updated: October 8, Updated: October 8, Some of the links in this post are from our sponsors, and we might earn a commission if you click on one. So you want to know how to earn money on your phone? You probably spend a ton of time on your phone every day, like, an embarrassing amount of time.

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All you have to do is download the app and set yourself some physical challenges and then check in every time you go to the gym or do some exercise from home. CleanSpace is another great app which offers discounts and freebies for you if you think about the health of yourself and the environment. The app works alongside a small device called the CleanSpace tag which connects to your mobile phone via Bluetooth and monitors the levels of carbon monoxide in the air. For every mile that you walk, run or cycle instead of getting a bus or driving your car, the app offers discounts and freebies as it can figure out your means of transportation through the carbon monoxide levels in your immediate environment.

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Fronto This is another app that encourages you to view news, articles, product deals, and reviews, as well as watch ads to earn points. You can even earn bonus points for downloading free apps. The more points you accumulate, the more PayPal cash, gift cards, or coupons you can redeem.

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Playment Save This is an interesting Android app that can be used by anyone from India. Just for joining you will earn points. Perk app Save Perk is a popular platform which offers various ways for you to complete a task on your Android phone and earn rewards point. You can watch videos, play games, visit websites, search the web and other activities to earn.

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