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More so for celebs and stars, who are wont to churning out copious amounts of wealth and creating unwieldy portfolios. Handicapped by lack of financial expertise and paucity of time, they often end up entrusting their wealth to inefficient wealth managers, or worse, unscrupulous ones. At other times, boosted by success and faux confidence in their own abilities to manage money, they take wrong investing decisions.

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In a bind? Need some fast cash? Some are easier than others, but nearly all require very little to no capital.

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Hard, cold, beautiful bendy stacks of cash. I know there are a lot of people that say money is evil and your nostrils will catch on fire if you want anything other than world peace, but usually—and pardon me for saying this so abruptly—they're usually not very good at making it. But there is plenty of money to make. Do you know how much money that is?

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More money is better than less money, right? That is the conventional wisdom.

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Tweet Are you frustrated at why you are not making money the way you would like to? It appears as if things just don't seem to work out right?

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