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A guide for purchasers If you are considering to buy a property in Spain this is probably one of the best times in decades to do it. But before purchasing a property in Spain we would strongly advise you to do some research and find out how this transaction should be done, what you should look for and what you would better avoid in order to play safe and keep well away from the problems and pitfalls that others experienced in the past. We will give you here some helpful information and tips. However, as every case is different, we strongly advise you to contact a local and independent notary option agreement who can assist you throughout the process, and who will ensure that your money and your rights are fully protected.

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Notifications to stockbroker firms from non-exchange transactions over listed securities Constitution of limited and anonymous companies Transfer of stocks and shares Transfer of patents and trademarks 9. How to read a notary document As the official Spanish notary website describes in this page, a notary document has three parts: Introduction This part contains the following information: Place and date of deed Name of the notary Name, nationality, marital status and profession or occupation of the participants The identity documents of the participants and other documents that the notary deems suitable. The circumstance of bringing in a person to represent another, with a statement of the document that authorises it The circumstance in which an interpreter must intervene, in the event that one of the participants does not notary option agreement the language that the deed is written in.

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November 22, 1. What is the role of a notary in property acquisition? A notary is a legal practitioner whose intervention is required in property transactions. It is therefore a necessary step to buy a house, land, apartment or any property right usufruct, leasehold rights, or through a corporation.

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Read on to hear the story of Paul, who has just found the perfect home. After months of searching, Paul has finally found the house of his dreams. Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Mersch, the property ticks all the boxes for his small family and is within his budget.

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Buying and selling : the various stages French property contracts: the sales agreement Are you about to sign a preliminary contract? This is known as a "pre-contract". The preliminary contract and the sales agreement are two contracts with different consequences for the buyer and the seller. Unilateral sales agreement Sales agreement also known as "unilateral preliminary contract"the owner agrees with the prospective buyer known as beneficiary to sell him his property at set price.

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Could you confirm what the situation is and who is responsible for the costs? Answer: Spanish law In the first place, we should point out that the Spanish Civil Code Cc in article has the following observation as to who must pay the expenses of the granting of the deed of sale; The expenses of granting of deeds shall be borne by the seller and the cost of the first copy and any subsequent copies will be borne by the buyer, unless otherwise agreed.

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Since 1 January bigger transactions on assignment of shares and loan transactions must be certified by a notary. We asked Marius Strackaitis, the President of the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, to comment some issues related to new duties. Upon signing of a stock assignment agreement number of shares being transferred is not always known in advance. What should be done if a number and price of shares are not known?

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