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Copy Examples of Option Certificate in a sentence The exercise of any Option will be contingent upon receipt by the Corporation of cash payment of the full Exercise Price of the Shares being purchased by p. EST on the option certificate day of the Option Period by delivering to the Corporation an Exercise Notice, the applicable Option Certificate and a certified cheque or bank draft payable to the Corporation in an amount equal to the aggregate Exercise Price of the Shares to be purchased pursuant to the exercise of the Option.

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Key Differences Stock Warrants vs. Stock Options: An Overview A stock warrant gives the holder the right to purchase a company's stock at a specific price and at a specific date. A stock warrant is issued directly by the company concerned; when an investor exercises a stock warrant, the shares that fulfill the obligation are not received from another investor but directly from the company. A stock optionon the other hand, is a contract between two people that gives the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell outstanding stocks at a specific price and at a specific option certificate.

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Grant of Option. The Option shall be a non-qualified option as set forth in the Plan.

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Vesting and Exercisability. Once vested, the vested portion of the Option may be exercised, from time to time, from the applicable vesting date until the earlier of i the Expiration Date set forth in this certificate or ii the applicable date described below in paragraph 6 regarding termination of employment.

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