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Put options allow you to sell shares at the strike price. The effect of an increase in the price of the stock on a stock option depends on the type of option and on where the stock price is in relation to the strike price. Out of the Money Calls Suppose you purchase a call option and the market price of the underlying stock is less than the strike price.

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Matt specializes in writing about bank stocks, REITs, and personal finance, but he loves any investment at the right price. Follow him on Twitter to keep up with his latest work! An option's value is made up of its intrinsic value plus a time premium.

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Email Email You can't know where you are going until you know where you've been. You can't price an option until you know what makes up its value.

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As a result, time value is often referred to as an option's extrinsic value since time value is the amount by which the price of an option exceeds the intrinsic value. Time value is essentially the risk premium the option seller requires to provide the option buyer the right to buy or sell the stock up to the date the option expires.

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Rise in Volatility leads to rise in Option Premiums. Volatility is also correlated with Fear Factor.

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Interest rate Dividends and risk-free interest rate have a lesser effect. Changes in the underlying security price can increase or decrease the value of an option. These price changes have opposite effects on calls and puts.

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Intrinsic value[ edit ] The intrinsic value is the difference between the underlying spot price and the strike price, to the extent that this is in favor of the option holder. For a call optionthe option is in-the-money if the underlying spot price is higher than the strike price; then the intrinsic value is the underlying price minus the strike price. For a put optionthe option is in-the-money if the strike price is higher than the underlying spot price; then the intrinsic value is the strike price minus the underlying spot price.