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Learn how comparing historical and implied volatility can help you choose an options strategy Check the Sizzle Index to see any unusual options activity Use options stats with other indicators to make more informed trading decisions Are you an aspiring option trader? Or are you a stock trader looking for some extra info about the stocks you trade? Put and call options are used by professional traders option statistics institutional investors to help manage risk, potentially enhance returns, and speculate. Following their trading activity—active strike prices, delivery months, trading volume, and so forth—might give you an idea of how these pros view the market direction and possible pressure points.

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It blows out accounts. And you've gotta see the massive blindspot that option "gurus" are avoiding when they talk about this statistic. Sure, it makes sense when you look at the fancy charts but once you put it into practice, you end up with one or two bad trades that ruin your month or potentially your year.

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To view the data, click on the V-shaped icon before the section title. The first section displays the week high and low of both of these volatility measurements as well as the percentile of volatility relative to that range. The area in the center is Trade Analysis.

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