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Original issue zero coupon bonds, "global" securities debt issued simultaneously in the eurobond and US domestic bond marketsa securities and pay-in-kind securities, including toggle notes, qualify for inclusion in the Index. Callable perpetual securities qualify provided they are at least one year from the first call date. Fixed-to-floating rate securities also qualify provided they are callable within the fixed rate period and are at least one year from the last call prior to the date the bond transitions from a fixed to a floating rate security.

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The option-adjusted spread OAS is the measurement of the spread of a fixed-income security rate and the risk-free rate of returnoption yield chart is then adjusted to take into account an embedded option. Typically, an analyst uses Treasury yields for the risk-free rate. The spread is added to the fixed-income security price to make the risk-free bond price the same as the bond. Key Takeaways The option-adjusted spread OAS measures the difference in yield between a bond with an embedded option, such as an MBS or callables, with the yield on Treasuries.

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