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Email Other Apps This article is directed at options trading beginners. Many new traders are unaware of the dangers involved in trading options. Options can be very confusing, and for that reason can make it very profitable for those who know how they work and very unprofitable for those who are confused. There is a reason why you have to apply specifically for options from your broker; it is very dangerous.

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Buying puts risk When you buy puts, you speculate that the underlying stock will go down. Same as with the call option, the stock must move rapidly down in order to make you money. Otherwise theta will destroy your put option.

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Taking that first step often hinges on shedding these four myths. But neither are some of the most common misconceptions about trading options. Myth 1: Options are dangerous Naysayers will also tell you that trading options is risky, complex, unnecessary … even rigged.

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The Bottom Line In the world of investing, there are a lot of securities in which you can invest your money: stocksbonds, commoditiesmutual funds, futures, options and more. Of course, there is a fee, but it takes all the management worries away. Many will invest in stocks and bonds to try to capture larger gains.

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By Investopedia Updated Mar 24, As with most investment vehicles, risk to some degree is inevitable. Option contracts are notoriously risky due to their complex nature, but knowing how options work can reduce the risk somewhat. There are two types of option contracts, call options and put options, each with essentially the same degree of risk.

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Sometimes options contracts help you reduce the risk in your portfolio. For example, buying puts is a simple way to insure yourself if you need to off-load a losing stock. Buying calls can limit your exposure if you think a stock's price will rise, but you don't want to take on the risk of actually investing in the stock.


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Those so-called "Binary Options Brokers" launched an impressive internet marketing campaign utilizing the very best of internet marketing practises and working with the very best of internet affiliate marketers all over the world in a combined effort to make binary options trading irresistable to the common folk looking to invest for an additional income through this global economic downturn. Videos, articles, ads, testimonials, you name it, everything was employed to Options are dangerous binary options trading look like a legitimate and real derivatives investment tool, thereby creating a false sense of trust and credibility. To the uninformed new investor or beginner options trader looking for information on the internet about investing or options trading, binary options look too delicious to ignore and so many have jumped in only to be burned and disappointed. The worse thing is, they think binary options trading is REAL options trading and henceforth think options trading is a scam as a whole.

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