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Step 4: Compare investment performance against the objective The next step is to review the performance of your investment option against its investment objective. When it comes to investing, lower risk generally goes hand-in-hand with lower returns. Change your investment option: Shifting your money out of the default option into another investment option within your existing super fund could make a significant difference, depending on your investment option.

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Search A strategy for your future Designed to adapt to your stage in life, our default investment strategy helps you get the most from your super How our default strategy works We want to make super easy for you, so if you don't want to choose your investment option, your super will automatically be invested using our Default Strategy. When you turn 53, we will switch the remaining funds you have in the Aggressive option to the Balanced option. All your money will then be invested in the Balanced option.

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Due to the present market volatility and economic climate we recently decided to change the investment mix to 50 per cent cash and 50 per cent diversified bonds, with the plan to move this back to a balanced option after investments start to come back. I called the fund before doing this but could not book a phone interview for advice until the next week. They were also rather reluctant to say that this was a "good idea".

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Salary sacrifice: consider a salary sacrifice arrangement to top-up your super contributions and get more money working for you. There are super funds where you pay around 0. Options: your weighting between defensive cash, fixed interestgrowth equities, property and balanced options should be calculated according to your risk profile, goals and life stage. Work out where you should be in terms of risk, return and time.

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Back 8 easy steps to take control of your super Want to make the most of your super? Here are eight steps on how to take control of your super, check your super balance and get it sorted to make sure your retirement savings are on track. Understand how superannuation works and what the benefits are Your super builds up throughout your working life through a combination of superannuation guarantee SG contributions made by your employer and any voluntary contributions you choose to make. When your investments generate returns, your super balance grows.

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