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At the same time, the premium is the price that the option writer receives for the obligation to buy or sell the asset in options premium case the holder of the contract decides to exercise their right. Key Points The premium on an option is the market price at which an option contract is currently valued. The premium has two components, intrinsic and extrinsic value.

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By Daniel Kurt Updated May 9, Investors love options because they improve many market strategies. Think a stock is going to rise? If you're right, buying a call option gives you the right to buy shares later at a discount to the market value.

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Premiums are quoted on a per-share basis because most option contracts represent shares of the underlying stock. Intrinsic value, time value and implied volatility are the three components that determine the price of an option premium. Intrinsic Value The intrinsic value of an option contract is the difference between the strike price and market price of the underlying stock.

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Also known simply as option price. Not to be confused with the strike price.

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