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Read Review Visit Broker Using Your Trading Plan It's very important to have a detailed trading plan that lays out guidelines and parameters for your trading activities. One of the practical uses of such a plan is to help you manage your money and your risk exposure.

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Share this: Here are five ways to effectively manage risk as an option trader: The first step in managing risk as an option trader is position sizing. When buying options the amount of capital you spend buying an option contract long is the most you can lose if your option expires worthless before expiration. When selling option contracts to open your risk can be theoretically unlimited unless you buy a farther out option as a hedge.

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It is possibilities that are being accommodated. It is management's job to do the planning that will accommodate the possibilities. The customer is the final judge, but internal goals should be to a higher level than customer expectations. The key words in risk management are: proactive; management; accommodate; acceptably; professional; possibility.

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Options, in fact, can be used to hedge positions and reduce risk, such as with a protective put. Options can also be used to bet on a stock going up or down, but with relatively less risk than owning or shorting the actual equivalent in the underlying stock. This latter use of options to minimize risk in making directional bets will be the focus of this article.

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There are several ways that options can be used to hedge risk, with the three main categories of this being to hedge other investments, to hedge business interests, and to hedge other options positions. In all cases, one is looking to either purchase an option or sell an option to protect another position, where the intention with the option play is to not take on more risk but to reduce the risk that is already present in their portfolio. Options risk management used this way consist of the trader purchasing a form of insurance, where if an undesired outcome occurs, a loss in a stock portfolio for instance, the losses incurred will be offset to a degree by the profits made with the option trade.

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