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Forward and futures contracts Video transcript Let's say that company ABCD is some type of a pharmaceutical company that has a drug trial coming out. So if you wanted to make money off of that belief, and I'm not necessarily recommending that you do. It's always trickier in reality than it sounds on paper.

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You could do two things. It expires in one month. Usually it will be a specific date, but I'm just saying one month from the date that you buy the option.

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Private Video - Seen only by you and YouTube users you select Expand A private video can only be seen by you and the users you select. If you use your UCI Google account, you have the option to make it available to let everyone " uci.

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But you don't have the stomach to short the stock because there's a possibility that you could lose an infinite amount of money if you short it. You still have an option.

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