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How to thinkorswim Percentage View Percentage view is a TOS feature that enables you to view price changes as percentage values. This can be especially useful when assessing the price action in terms of its own previous values, rather than the absolute ones.

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Thereafter, following the Insured's acquisition of the Borrower's Title to the Property, the Insured shall be entitled to file a supplemental Claim in an amount equal to the sum of the Advances not included in the initial Claim, plus any Percentage option Expenses See Section I. Further, in the event the Property is redeemed after the payment of the Percentage Option, the Insured shall be obligated to promptly refund to the Company the amount, if any, by which the redemption price plus the Insurance Benefit exceeds the Claim Amount.

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The fixed percentage option has been available for use by beneficiaries for almost one year now. While it percentage option like a great step towards simplifying and expediting the recovery process, the fixed percentage option is only available in limited situations. Settlements meeting the following criteria will be eligible for use of the fixed percentage option: 1. The underlying injury must be physical, trauma-based rather than related to ingestion, exposure, or medical implant ; 2.

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Lazarus, J. There are certain requirements that must be met in order to utilize this option which I will outline below. Importantly, when exercising this option the injury victim gives up the right to appeal the fixed payment amount or request a waiver of the recovery. The option is now available.

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