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Even our politicians agree on that. Our presidential hopefuls are making their cases on the matter. Donald Trump promises to double that amount, borrowing the necessary funds through government bonds.

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Myth 9: The government should invest in internet infrastructure. June 27, Myth Internet infrastructure is far too important to be left to the private sector.

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The Web can help do this cheaply, accurately, at any time of day and without consulting a stockbroker. A Web calculator from a respected site can provide useful ballpark numbers for a mortgage or an easy way to benchmark a price. Get a good antivirus program—and use it.

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Digital infrastructure is more than simply fast broadband. It is a platform for exchange and innovation that allows all residents and businesses to participate in the new economy and for local governments to deliver new and smart community services. This article outlines the economic case for bringing capital to communities so they have the digital infrastructure they need to be connected and sustainable in the new economy — while providing investors solid, long-term returns.

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The transition to a digital economy can provide a boost to competitiveness across all sectors, new opportunities for business and entrepreneurial activity, and new avenues to access overseas markets and to participate in global e-value chains. It also provides new tools to tackle persistent development and social problems. However, it comes with a host of challenges — from the global digital divide, to potential negative social and development impacts, and complex, internet-specific regulatory issues — which policymakers need to address. The opportunities and challenges associated with the digital economy are particularly important for developing countries.

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Investing in Broadband for Your Local Economy What can your community do about broadband and how do you invest? There is a reason that many communities and regions continue to have unserved no broadband and underserved poor quality internet service areas — there is not enough of a business case for private sector internet service provider investment. They are focusing on opportunities that are more profitable. SNG shows a new way to pay for broadband by approaching it as digital infrastructure.