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The Eighteenth Amendment by Robert P. Richards Edwin D. In contrast to earlier amendments to the Constitution, the Amendment set a one-year time delay before it would be operative, and set a time limit seven years for its ratification by the states.

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With the dreadful example of Prohibition before us, it seems nearly unthinkable that we should have done it again: taken some basic human craving and perverted it into a vast system of organized crime and social corruption. When will we learn that in a democracy it is for the people to tell the government, not for the government to tell the people, what makes them happy? The record of the 18th Amendment often has been read by libertarians as a morality tale.

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has caused economic hardship to spread across the country, prompting businesses to cut back and unemployment to rise. Soldiers are still getting paid, but spouses may not be so lucky.

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