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There is no limit to the maximum possible loss when implementing the call ratio spread strategy. There may even be a profit if a credit is received when putting on the spread.

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Variations One simple variation of this strategy is to use a different ratio such as 2x3 or 3x5. The general rules to variations is that the combined Delta of one side of the spread roughly equals the combined Delta of the other side when the position is initiated so that the strategy starts off being Delta-neutral, and that the passage of time will have a greater impact on ratio spread options short calls provided the underlying remains within a limited range. Max Loss The maximum loss would occur if the underlying stock went to infinity. If the strategy is analyzed as a bull call spread and a naked call combined, then when all the options go deep in-the-money, the bull call spread has a positive value equal to the difference between the strikes, and the naked call has a negative value equal to the difference between the stock's price and the upper strike price.

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Video not supported! A ratio spread consists of long and short options, the quantities of which are in simple mathematical ratios such as 2 to 1 or 3 to 2. Traders will refer to these spreads as a 1 by 2, or 2 by 3. Ratio spreads generally consist of all calls or all puts, with the same expiration and the same product.

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Adjust your options with ratio spreads This advanced options strategy can help manage volatility. However, if volatility is expected to increase, along with a sharply higher move by the stock, a variation of the ratio spread—known as a call backspread—is designed to take advantage of this forecast.

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High strike - low strike - net premium paid Motivation The strategy hopes to profit from a sharp upward move in the stock price for little initial cost. Variations One simple variation of this strategy is to use a different ratio such ratio spread options 2x3 or 3x5. The general rule to these variations is that the combined Delta of one side of the spread roughly equals the combined Delta of the other side when the position is initiated, so that the strategy starts off being Delta-neutral. If the underlying stock moves sharply higher, the combined Delta of the long calls increases more quickly than that of the short call, thereby creating a positive relationship to the underlying.