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In other words, roughly one in four employed Americans works out of a home office. Well over half enjoyed flexible scheduling that allowed them to stop and start work at their discretion. As competition for millennial talent heats up and advancing innovation enables remote work in an ever-widening collection of white-collar nonproduction jobs, employers are offering ever more flexible work arrangements that allow many employees to perform their duties from just about anywhere. Our picks: the BlueVine business checking accountwhich offers 1.

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Share to Linkedin Image: Shutterstock While unscrupulous Internet marketers parade their offers that are more designed to extract money from you rather than help you to make it, many people are faced with the dilemma of who to trust when it comes to making money online. Clearly, there are some ideas for making money on the web that are simply too good to be true. The self-evident truth is that these ideas over-promise and under-deliver. However, there are legitimate ways to make money online.

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The good news? Better yet, more paid survey sites are popping up all the time.

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And the only way to fill in the gap—and keep food on the table—is to figure out how to make extra money as fast as possible. So when it comes to taking care of your Four Walls food, utilities, shelter and transportationfinding ways to increase your money and savings quickly can go a long way. Ready to get to work?

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From online poker to selling your collection of Beanie Babies, there are lots of popular get-rich-quick, money-making ideas that always pop up. Do they work? Not really.

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