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A real option is an economically valuable right to make or else abandon some choice that is available to the managers of a company, often concerning business projects or investment opportunities. Real options differ thus from financial options contracts since they involve real i.

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What courses cannot be taken with this course? Are there a limited number of places available? No Course Description The course will introduce concepts from economics and finance related to investment under uncertainty and consider some of the methods that have been developed in these fields, such as the Black-Scholes equation and binomial option pricing model.

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Our earlier plans to hold the conference in Julyhad to be cancelled, and we have re-scheduled it to September, as we aim to be better prepared for a physical meeting. Carrying Originally Accepted Papers Forward All papers that have already been accepted for the 24th Annual Conference scheduled for July will be automatically accepted for the Conference.

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Contacts AIM To bring together academics and practitioners at the forefront of real options and investment under uncertainty to discuss recent developments and applications. The conference features academic and professional presentations of theoretical and applied work, workshops and case discussions, experiences from the field and panel discussions. We are generally interested in applied or empirical papers, and case studies in these and various other industries.

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