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How to Become a Signal Provider How to Become a Signal Provider Signal Provider is a trader who grants access to the data on his or her trading operations allowing other traders to copy them on their own trading accounts. Signals can be provided either for free or on a commercial basis. If you do not have an account yet, please register.

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What differentiates them from normal trading signals is that they actually execute the trade for you. Automated signals trading is also different from standard automated trading because the provider notifies you when the trade is complete.

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Stop loss at 1. Respectively, you need to open a short position for this currency pair when its price approximates 0. The CMP is not always featured for the simple reason it is to be understood traders should buy or sell a given pair right after the signal was issued and should do so at the current market price.

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The main disadvantage of sending a trading signal in one variable is that you cannot send several signals simultaneously disadvantages of a serial interface - for example, you cannot open in both directions, or open with a simultaneous closing of an existing position, or close all positions. Partially this disadvantage can be eliminated by dividing a signal into two integers. There are three ways of dividing a signal: Open in one variable, close in another one. You can combine opening and closing, i.

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